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As mentioned in the managerial plan of the Rector, active participation in Erasmus projects is an important development direction to attain the objectives of the internationalization and of the academic excellence forex office gbg medical education by increasing the inter-universities and international student exchanges and by promoting cooperation in education and training.

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Our university is committed to high performance, competitiveness and sustainable development. The vision for our University evolution is focused on a strongly internationalized institution with a student-centered teaching process, vision which will contribute to becoming an important participant in the European Education Area.

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The University is committed to enhance the internationalization by continuing the cooperation with already established partners and by identifying and creating new partnerships for medical education and research using the Erasmus Program as one of the main ways to achieve this goal. The creation of new educational or teaching networks with international partners is another objective which is also one of the internationalization pillars. The mobility program is available for students from all cycles license, master and doctoral but a special attention will be put on the doctoral cycle to increase the number of doctoral students benefiting from the mobility program.

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Another objective is to continue working on including in the mobility program all the Faculties of our University after it was extended from one Faculty Medicine to 3 Faculties Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy in the last 7 years.

Previous experience showed the importance of spending time abroad to study and learn so our University will continue to work on facilitating the access to mobility program for our students by identifying new partners and opportunities for mobilities.

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By transparent information, linguistic support and a clear recognition procedure, the number of students accessing the mobility program will be increased. So, more students will benefit from a different academic and multicultural experience, they will know at least one more foreign language which will help them in their future professional path. The University will also continue to work on improving the measures taken to facilitate the incoming mobilities in order to have an equilibrate outgoing-incoming balance.

The University will update and renegotiate existing bilateral agreements and connect with new potential partners based on the existence of a mutual interest in the development of mobility or research programs.

Also, for new partnerships, the linguistic aspect will be assessed so that the mobility of students and staff is not hindered by linguistic barriers.

Our current partnerships are focused on European countries, with most outgoing-incoming mobilities being European mobilities.

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As our University offers one of the undergraduate programs Medicine in English, the new partnerships will be facilitated by this positive aspect, allowing a balanced number of outgoing-incoming mobilities.

With the development of English language teaching, one of the objectives is to extend the mobility program to non-European countries. In addition, in addition to the mobility program, UMFCD will actively identify partners for international forex office gbg in the field of medical education and research in the context of modernization and internationalization of the University by initiating KA2 cooperation projects.

In order to ensure the quality of mobility, there are working procedures for the selection of participants, for the activities carried out before, during and after the end of the mobility, for the conclusion of bilateral agreements and for the management of the financial aspects of the Program.

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The Erasmus program is considered to be an important contributor to increasing the degree of internationalization of UMFCD. Inthe existing bilateral agreements will be renegotiated and renewed.

In the periodnew partners will be identified for the conclusion of new bilateral agreements that will allow the achievement of the mentioned objectives regarding the evolution of the number of mobilities. In the periodUMFCD will identify new strategic partners for the development and development of international cooperation projects within Key Action 2 following two main directions: medical education in the context of the University's modernization objective development of the eLearning system and improvement of the curriculum and teaching techniques and the possibility of developing new study programs in collaboration with international partners eg master's programs cooperation for the training of researchers and the development of institutional lines for scientific research in various medical fields.

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Thus, the further development of the projects developed within the Program will have a major impact on the objectives of internationalization and modernization, impact that will be evaluated by the number of Mobility Participants students in all 3 cycles and from all În cazul în care pentru a stoca bitcoin cache Faculties; number of teachers ; number of auxiliary staffnumber of requests to participate, number of cooperation projects carried out, contribution to the development of the education system through curriculum changes forex office gbg teaching techniques, contribution to research development number of projects having as main objective the collaboration in the field research.