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The first component is the neo-classical prefix trans- originally meaning "across, on the far side, beyond" from transgender, and the second component -phobia comes from the Greek φόβος phóbos, "fear". Along with lesbophobiabiphobia and homophobia, transphobia is a member of the family of terms used when intolerance and discrimination is directed toward LGBT people. Transphobia is not a phobia as defined in clinical psychology i.

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Its meaning and usage parallels xenophobia. The adjectival form transphobic may be used to describe a transphobe or their actions.

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The words transphobia and transphobic were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in Serano contrasts oppositional sexism with "traditional sexism", the belief that males and masculinity are superior to females and femininity.

Furthermore, she writes that transphobia is fueled by insecurities people have about gender and gender norms.

These authors argue that the assumption that men's acceptable sexuality is based on category-specific sexual arousal while women's acceptable sexual behavior is said to be due to lower sex drive and especially higher sexual inhibitions causes allegations that transsexual people have neither safety system in the brain and are sex criminals, and recommend information about flaws in studies that claim to show such sex differences including the possibility that fear of being alleged to be inappropriately sexually aroused may deter more men than women from taking part in sexual arousal studies as bătând opțiuni binare remedy.

She argues that transgender people, like gays bătând opțiuni binare lesbians, are hated and feared for challenging and undermining gender norms and the gender binary.

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Norton writes that the "male-to-female transgender incites transphobia through her implicit challenge to the binary division of gender upon which male cultural and political hegemony depends".

Whereas gay bashing is directed against a target's real or perceived sexual orientationtrans bashing is directed against the target's real or perceived expressed gender identity. The term has also been applied to hate speech directed at transgender people [17] and to depictions of transgender people in the media that reinforce negative stereotypes about them.

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It is very common, for example, for transgender women to be stopped or questioned when they use public bathrooms designated for women. Even more so when it comes to sexual violence.

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More so, that one, or multiple kinds of abuse are likely to take place throughout a transgender person's life. According to the American Psychological Associationtransgender children are more likely than other children to experience harassment and violence in school, foster care, residential treatment centers, homeless centers and juvenile justice programs.

Three-quarters report having felt unsafe.

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When asked if they had ever been forced to have sex, experienced violence in their home, or been physically abused, the majority answered yes to each question. Stotzer published an article in Aggression and Violent Behavior that compiled information from numerous studies reporting violence against transgender people.